Sunday, 9 December 2012

FREE DOWNLOAD A Maxwel Mourned - Part 2 od the Laird of Lochandee

Part Two of an historical romance saga set in the Scottish Borders between the two World Wars.
This can be downloaded free from 12th to 16th December inclusive

Ross and Rachel Maxwell take up life at the Glens of Lochandee, where they must strive to build up the farm, raise a family, and rear their animals despite uncertainty of their tenure, the social instability of the years between the two World Wars and the heartbreak of tragic loss. Their love of the land and each other gives them strength and determination to face these challenges.

A Maxwell Mourned is the second part of The Laird of Lochandee which won the Elizabeth Goudge Trophy presented by the RNA in 2000.

Review From Shelley Mosley Booklist (for whole book)
"Set against a background of world events during the thirties and forties Kirkwood's tale of an unlucky Scottish couple will interest fans of soap operas, mini-series and saga's such as Collen McCullough's The Thorn Birds"

For those who wonder where I get my tales of farming and the countryside here are some of the wee pigs born two days ago.  



  1. Aw, those piggy photos are lovely, Gwen! I'll mention your giveaway on my blog again on Wednesday.

  2. Like all babies they're cute while small! Thank you Rosemary. As I've said before you're a treasure and very generous with help.