Friday, 7 March 2014

Secrets in the Heather now available as an e-book

I am please to say Secrets in the Heather is now published by Accent Press and is available to download at a very affordable price. It is the first in a series of three Heather books which were first published by Severn House in hardback, available from libraries and book shops. It is also available as an audio book for those who like to listen while they work or drive.

Victoria MacLauchlan was orphaned at birth and raised in a cottage on the Darlonachie Estate by Jane McCrady, whom she believes is her great-grandmother. When Jane dies Victoria is given a job in the Castle kitchens and offered a home by the Pringle family, also tenants of the Laird of Darlonachie. They are a kindly couple with four sons. They have known Victoria all her life but they have never guessed there is a long buried secret in her past. 
The First World War is over and times are changing. A new generation has taken over, both above and below stairs, making life difficult for Victoria, especially as she is growing into a capable and beautiful young woman. She must make difficult choices and come to terms with the secret which is accidentally revealed and which will have far reaching consequences, not only in her own  life.