Saturday, 15 February 2014

COMING HOME - a FREE download for 5 days

 I am pleased to say this book is now available to download and it will be free from Wednesday 19th February 2014 until mid-day on Sunday. 23rd.

It is the first in a series of 5 novels beginning at the end of the war.

Steven Caraford  longs for the day he can return to Scotland and continue the life he loves, farming at Willowburn with his family.
After the death of his best friend, Tom Oliphant, Tom's sister, Meg, has continued corresponding with Steven. She was a schoolgirl when the two young men were recruited into the army but Steven returns to find she is an attractive young woman about to go to college and embark on a promising career as a teacher. She also has several admirers.
      Steven is dismayed and disheartened to find he is no longer welcome at Willowburn. His future seems bleak, but he is determined to try for a small farm of his own. Will Meg wait for him, or even want him? Then a crisis almost tears their world apart.
Original title and cover
This book was originally published in hardback as Dreams of Home so some readers may have read it from libraries. It is also available as an audio book.

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