Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Four Bargains for Christmas

The price of the four Fairlyden novels has been reduced to 98 pence to download until the fourteenth of January 2013.

Here are the links and blurb for the first two.

Fairlyden book 1

Matthew Camerson’s death has ended the three life lease on the tenancy of the farm of Nethertannoch but Sandy Logan hopes to secure the tenancy so that he can keep his promise, made to Matthew on his deathbed, namely to love and protect his daughter, Mattie. He has made his promise with joy and sincerity because he loves the beautiful and vulnerable Mattie, who has been deaf since childhood.
The laird, Sir Douglas Irving, has other plans. He has little interest in the remote Scottish glen
of Caoranne, or its people, but he needs to buy the silence of rapacious farmer, Jacob Reevil, who has long coveted the prosperous Cameron farm – and Mattie. So the laird promises the girl and the farm to Reevil’s idiot son, with no thought for the consequences.
When events explode into violence Sandy finds himself accused of murder and he is forced to flee. He takes Mattie with him, although he knows he cannot marry her until she comes of age. They trek for many miles and eventually find refuge at the rundown farm of Fairlyden, nestling in a peaceful valley. It belongs to Daniel Munro who has been in poor health for years due to crippling rheumatism. He does not welcome strangers but something about the pair of fugitives touches his heart and he agrees to let them stay.
They work hard to make a living and to restore the fertility of the land. Gradually Mattie is able to produce enough eggs and butter to sell, and Sandy has his strength and knowledge of horse breeding, but they try to keep out of the public eye, fearing retribution from Caoranne.
Unfortunately Daniel Munro is the illegitimate son of the late Earl of Strathtod so Fairlyden only belongs to him, and his heirs, during their lifetime. Without heirs it will return to the present Earl, who has always hated Daniel and can’t wait for him to die. So Daniel devises a scheme to thwart his half-brother, a scheme which must include Mattie - one which will have far- reaching consequences down the generations.

Mistress of Fairlyden - Book 2

As Mistress of Fairlyden, and happily married to William Fairly, Sarah feels her life complete. But longing to share the joyful news of her pregnancy with Beatrice Slater, her childhood friend, Sarah defies her husband’s wishes and goes alone to Muircumwell Mill. She could not have foreseen the dreadful consequences which are to haunt her for the rest of her life, and force her to become the sole keeper of a disturbing secret.
At the Mill, she meets Beatrice’s sly and ambitious father, Edward Slater, whose evil jealousy and desire for revenge lead to a frenzied attack upon Sarah. Months later little Alex is born; a cripple whose deformity Sarah blames upon herself. William cannot bear the fact that his son will never be perfect and a rift develops.
Bored with the farm life of Fairlyden, and troubled by his son’s condition, William sets up a precarious business venture with Sir Simon Guillyman. Sarah cautiously welcomes this outside interest, thinking it good for William and their marriage. But when Sir Simon dies unexpectedly, his attractive widow poses a new problem.
With a growing family, financial hardship and the secret burden resulting from Edward Slater’s revelations, Sarah finds herself increasingly drawn to Crispin Bradshaw, owner of a Yorkshire woollen mill.
Mistress of Fairlyden is the moving and evocative second novel in this quartet of life on the land in nineteenth-century Scotland, following Fairlyden.

I will give details of the last two on my next blog.

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