Thursday, 27 August 2015

Free and reduced prices for downloads

I have neglected this blog for far too long but this morning a new follower on Twitter has spurred me on to return. Sorry for my absence old friends and welcome to new ones.

This seems to be the time of year when publishers hold sales or do their best to promote our books. All of my books have now been re-published as e-books and my sagas are available as large print and audio books.

Last week there were free downloads of Coming Home. This week from 25th to Saturday 29th August 2015 Endeavour Press are offering a free download of

Love's Ransom
Love’s Ransom  by Gwen Kirkwood Free to download from Tuesday 25th to Saturday 29th Aug.

This is not my usual kind of story but I enjoyed writing it. It is set in the Scottish Borders in the 1600’s when the Border Reivers are a law unto themselves. Isabella Ellwood loves her brother dearly. When he is taken prisoner she offers her life in exchange for his but the clan chief, William Douglas, recognises her courage, as well as her youthful beauty. He demands a different ransom instead of a life for a life. Isabella is dismayed but feels she has no choice if she is to save Jamie, and surely no fate could be worse than falling into the hands of Neb Truddle, the hateful neighbour who is the instigator of all their troubles.

While I am here I will give a little advance notice of a book which will be available throughout the month of September to download for 99p. This has been re-published as an e-book by Accent Press and is the first in a series of three.
The Series follows the life and fortunes of Victoria Pringle who is orphaned at birth and raised by Jane McCrady, her great grandmother, who is cook at Darlonachie Castle. When Jane dies Young Victoria is taken in by the Pringle family who live in the gardener's cottage and also work on the estate. The young Pringles, especially Andrew, take Victoria under their wing. She is allowed to work in the Castle kitchens but times change after the First World War and the new mistress is jealous of the talented young cook who is blossoming into a beautiful girl. Victoria must face new choices and come to terms with a long-buried secret from her past.