Thursday, 9 October 2014


I have recently had several queries about the order in which some of my Sagas were written, especially for those people who like to listen to the audio books.
List of Book Titles by Gwen Kirkwood

Moorland Mist due 2015

Beyond Reason   May 2014 (audio in production)

1.Dreams of Home (title for  e-book is Coming Home)

2. A Home of Our Own

3. Heart of the Home

4 Another Home-Another Love

5 Darkest Before the Dawn

1.  Secrets in the Heather

2 Call of the Heather

3 When the Heather Blooms


1 The Laird of Lochandee (audio books for this series due soon )

2 The Legacy of Lochandee
 (original title of hardback is A Tangled Web)

3 Children of the Glens

4 Home to the Glen


1 Fairlyden

2 Mistress of Fairlyden

3 The Family at Fairlyden

4 Fairlyden at War

(Shorter romances. All single novels. Available as e-books See my website for direct links to Amazon for all of my books)
Lonely is the Valley

The Wary Heart

The Laird of Lochvinnie

The Silver Link- The Silken Tie

Written on the Wind

A New Beginning (original title  Shattered Dreams)

A Question of Love (available only as an e-book to download)

Love’s Ransom        ( “                                                         )