Friday, 22 November 2013

A Question of Love - a new e-book romance

A QUESTION OF LOVE is a 50,000 word modern romance - shorter and lighter than my usual Family Sagas. 
It is published as an e-book by Endeavour Press

Roseanne Fairfax is young, beautiful and ambitious.

As a partner of Kershaw & Company, Roseanne has a very clear plan for her career and for her life. She is fiercely independent and has built up walls to stop herself from falling in love. That is until she meets Euan Kennedy - the nephew of her business partner, Mr Kershaw.

Euan is funny, warm, charming…. and drop dead gorgeous. And Roseanne soon finds her hard exterior melting as they become closer.

Will Roseanne realise that there is more to life than work?  Or will she fail to open up to A Question of Love?

‘A Question of Love’ is a moving contemporary romance about finding a work/ life balance and learning to let someone in.

‘A charming new love story for the modern, independent woman’ - Holly Kinsella, author of ‘Uptown Girl’.

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Price £2.99