Thursday, 3 September 2015

Moorland Mist published September 2015 - the first in a new series by Gwen Kirkwood

Moorland Mist by Gwen Kirkwood published by Robert Hale Ltd.

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Emma Greig has seen little of the world beyond her own small village when she leaves school at fourteen to become a maid at Bonnybrae Farm. It is the 1880’s and her new life is very different from her carefree school days. The Sinclair Family welcome and reject her: Maggie Sinclair is kind and friendly and the two girls become close. Brothers, Jim and William, gently tease her for her youthful innocence. Emma works hard and begins to find satisfaction and happiness in her new life.

 Unfortunately Mrs Sinclair is haughty and aloof. She is infuriated by her family’s friendship with the new maid. She reminds Emma of her lowly status in the household.

When Emma and William are unexpectedly thrown together a bond develops between them but unforeseen circumstances cause Emma to be sent away without a reference while William is banished from the Scottish farm he loves. Will the connection they share be enough to draw them together again? Can they ever become part of a different  hardworking farming community in Yorkshire when Emma considers it is as remote as the moon from her own loving family.
Moorland Mist is published in hardback and should be available in many libraries in various parts of the country. When I request books from my own local library they are very good at obtaining them for me for a request fee of 75p, especially if a book is already circulating in the region. I consider the 75p  excellent value and frequently request one of my favourite authors, mainly because he writes in a series and I never want to miss the next book. 
Moorland Mist will be available worldwide as an e-book to download in October 2015
The next book in this series will be Moorend Farm. It is already with the publishers and expected to be available in spring 2016.
Now I need to get on with writing the third book.....


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