Saturday, 5 January 2013

Six Christmas Offers - Almost finished

A Maxwell Takes Flight FREE to download until Sunday 6th January
Part Three of The Laird of Lochandee - an historical romance saga set in the Scottish Borders between the two World Wars.
As their children grow, Ross and Rachel continue their battles to consolidate the farm at the Glens of Lochandee, fighting against a corrupt landlord and the ravages of disease. Overshadowing the country are the dark clouds of another World War, awakening doubts and fears as well as youthful determination to fight for freedom. Introducing new people and customs to the relatively tranquil Glens of Lochandee

Another Home Another Love
My latest novel is one of the books selected by Amazon for their 12 Days of Christmas promotion. It is reduced to 99p until 7th January.

Fairlyden Series available to download for 99p each until 14th January 2013

Mistress of Fairlyden

Fairlyden at War Fairlyden at War


  1. Thank you for all your freebies etc., Gwen. I'm looking forward to some great reading!

  2. Thank you for looking in Joan. I hope you will not be disappointed. If anyone asked me which book I considered my best read I would not know which one to name.

  3. Your sterling efforts are really paying off,Gwen. I'm sure these will be every bit as enjoyable as the others I've read.

  4. Thank you Myra. I'm already behind and needing to get the new jackets up. I'd rather be writing new stuff but marketing seems to be an essential part of things these days.