Sunday, 18 November 2012


The Laird of Lochandee by Gwen Kirkwood is now published by Accent Press in three parts available to download from Amazon.

Part One - A Maxwell Maligned.

FREE downloads of A Maxwell Maigned are available

Part One of an historical romance saga set in the Scottish Borders between the two World Wars. A Maxwell Maligned.
At sixteen, Rachel O’Brian finds herself alone in the world and accepts a home with an old friend of her father’s, but she is unprepared for his wife’s malice and cannot guess at the secret which feeds the woman’s hatred.
The younger Maxwells welcome Rachel to their Ayrshire farm, especially Ross, but he too has earned Gertrude Maxwell’s spite. When Ross disappears Rachel is dismayed to find herself destitute and expecting his child. Not until past secrets are revealed can the two find each other again.

Prize Draw
On Tuesday 20th November it is my turn to pick up the baton for the blog chain:-
The Next Big Thing  when you can read about my new book to be published in May 2013
The names of those leaving comments on either, or both, of these blogs will be put into a hat and one name picked at random. The prize is a free download of all three parts of The Laird of Lochandee.


  1. Good Luck with The Laird of Lochandee and The Next Big Thing on Tuesday, Gwen!

    1. I might need Lady Luck plus her husband, Jean. Thanks also for taking on the baton for The Next Big Thing. Remind me to look in on your date.

  2. All the best with these, Gwen - I'll get my copy and will mention it on my blog!

    1. You're a wee gem, Rosemary. I'm not sure about dividing the book into three parts so you can tell me what you think. Watch out for the free download of part 2.

  3. Best of luck with this series, Gwen. I've downloaded the first one and I'm looking forward to reading it. Many readers prefer their books in bit-sized chunks, so I'm sure you can't go wrong.

  4. Publishing seems to be a changing world so fingers crossed you're right about tha parts Joan. Thanks for downloading.